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Homakase, created in the midst of quarantine, is an omakase experience meant for anyone who wants to stay home but dine in a restaurant at the same time. No dishes. No cooking. No strangers around you. Just us coming over to personally cook for you.

LOCATIONS: We will travel anywhere in DMV within 45 mi. radius from our kitchen at Mess Hall (Brookland, DC). Please calculate your address before submitting a form. Travel fee (for all dinners) and small party fee of 4 or less guests will apply


HOMAKASE 101 ($145-$235 per person) :

Levels to choose from:

Beginner: Easy to Eat! (Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, etc)

Intermediate: Half Beginner, Half Advanced

Advanced: Fish imported from Japan & More

Min-Max Guests: 2 - 10



  • Clean and empty kitchen space (1-2 counters, sink, 1-2 fridge shelf, waste bin)

If you are deaf, hard of hearing, and or have speech disabilities, please contact us at amaami.official@gmail.com for more information on how we can safely and respectfully communicate the experience to you.


Refund, Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

Each guest who cancels 3 days before event will be charged $80. (For example: If 2 of 6 guests cancel, your bill will include cancellation fee of $160) Guests who cancel day-of will be charged 100% including gratuity and taxes, except travel fee.

Cancellations made for the entire dinner within 48 hours before event will be charged 100% of grand total excluding travel and service fee. Rescheduling/postponing (if available) 48 hours before event will be charged 50% of grand total. 

If chefs are showing flu-like symptoms near or on the day of your event, please prepare to book a different date, fees waived.


Revising Your RSVP

Minor changes such as time, address, or restrictions are allowed at any time, excluding day of event. Switching dinner package requires at least 72 hours notice before dinner.

Add-on guest(s) is accepted at least 72 hours before event. Removing guests will go under Refund, Rescheduling & Cancellation policy.